Dental implants are a better way to replace your teeth than dentures, but even implant bridges have limitations. Many of them are made with materials that just aren’t strong enough to let you bite and chew normally. And the ones that are strong enough don’t look attractive.

CeraSmile® solves these problems. It’s a beautiful full ceramic bridge that anchors on dental implants so it looks like natural teeth, and it’s made with the strongest ceramic available for maximum durability. CeraSmile® is designed to help people affected by:


With so many implant denture options available, it’s hard to decide which is the best one for you. CeraSmile® might be right for you if you:

  • Have lost or expect to lose all your teeth
  • Want to get your replacement smile in a 1-day procedure
  • Hope to rejuvenate your appearance
  • Want a replacement smile that looks natural
  • Want replacement teeth with optimal function
  • Don’t like the thought of losing natural bone
CeraSmile® is an implant bridge designed to replace a full arch of teeth in a quick 1-day procedure. It is designed to provide the best cosmetic results, including the rejuvenation of your facial proportions as well. CeraSmile® uses advanced neuromuscular principles to design a smile that works in harmony with your natural bite. This, combined with the strong material used for the bridge, means you can chew naturally.
With CeraSmile®, we design the restoration to fit you, not reshape your bone to match the proportions of the restoration. This means we not only get a better result, we don’t remove as much bone.

Most likely yes! In more than 90% of cases, you can get an implant-supported smile the same day of your procedure.

Yes! Other implant bridges come from a denture tradition of mass-production, but CeraSmile® can be fully customized so you get a unique smile that fits you.


These days, there are many options for implant bridges, but CeraSmile® outshines them all in terms of beauty, durability, fit, and our uniquely conservative approach.

Many implant bridges are designed the way we used to design dentures. They have a generic smile that looks somewhat attractive, but is mostly structured to match the limitations of chewing with dentures. With CeraSmile®, you don’t have those limitations, so we don’t design to them. We can craft a smile that unique to you–and uniquely beautiful, utilizing the latest principles in cosmetic dentistry.

And with CeraSmile®, you’re not sacrificing durability to get beauty. The opposite, in fact: we use a stronger ceramic than most other implant bridges. The strongest available, in fact. It’s even stronger than the titanium used in the dental implants. This makes it capable of standing up to all the rigors of normal biting or chewing–you can eat all the foods you enjoyed with your natural teeth.

CeraSmile® takes a different approach to fitting than other implant bridges. We know that the beauty of your smile isn’t just the teeth, it’s the way your smile harmonizes with your facial proportions. We design a smile that fits your face. This doesn’t just lead to a more harmonic appearance, it can actually rejuvenate your face and improve function because it’s in harmony with your jaw muscles, too.

Our different approach to fit leads to a more conservative surgical approach, too. Most implant bridges are engineered solutions, and they have specific installation instructions like a dishwasher or car stereo. And too often these instructions say your jaw has to be shaped a certain way. And if your jaw isn’t shaped that way, that’s when the bone saw comes out. We design CeraSmile® to fit your jaw, and we remove as little bone as possible. This makes the procedure more comfortable and less invasive.



Are you looking for a replacement smile that is beautiful, functional, and healthy?

Bob Clark and Dr. Rod Strickland, Inventors of CeraSmile



Dr. Rod Strickland is a dental innovator who designed the Denture Fountain of Youth® process to make dentures beautiful and rejuvenating. Dr. Bob Clark of Williams Dental Lab helped him refine the process and improve communication between the dentist and dental lab to ensure consistency and quality. Then the two worked together carefully to develop the new CeraSmile technique, extending the benefits of beautiful smiles and facial rejuvenation to implant bridges. CeraSmile not only gives wonderful results, it avoids some of the shortcomings of other dental implant procedures.


For more than 40 years, Williams Dental Lab has been setting the standard for excellence in dental restorations. WDL uses the latest digital technology and advanced materials in its American-made dental restorations.

However, advanced technology is only part of the WDL secret. WDL also believes in old-fashioned values that help ensure superior workmanship. They believe that communication is critical to ensuring that dentists and patients get exactly the restorations they ordered, so they maintain close contacts with all the dentists they work with. They also believe in dedication to their craft, and never sacrifice quality for the sake of speed or price.

Williams Dental Lab is the exclusive manufacturer for CeraSmile implant bridges.

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