The invention of CeraSmile® is the culmination of a years-long partnership between dentist Dr. Rod Strickland and master ceramicist Bob Clark. These two men wanted to deliver outstanding dental implant bridges that achieve outstanding appearance, function, and durability, while preserving patients’ natural bone and facial structure. That’s why they invented CeraSmile®.

Dr. Rod Strickland – Inventor & Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Rod Strickland, proud inventor of CeraSmileDr. Rod Strickland received his dental degree from Indiana University School of Dentistry. A talented undergraduate, he participated in advanced research and was admitted to dental school after only three years of undergraduate study.

As a dentist, he has been a trendsetter and an innovator. In 2000 he was named the overall winner of Dental Economics’ “Dental Design Competition.” He has also been awarded the rank of Fellow by the prestigious Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. He has served on the faculty of multiple dental teaching organizations, including more than 10 years as Faculty Practitioner for the Indiana University School of Dentistry. Since then, he has invented his own training programs dedicated to his groundbreaking Denture Fountain of Youth® process, now CeraSmile®.

Bob Clark – Inventor & Master Ceramicist

Bob Clark – Inventor & Master CeramicistBob Clark almost literally grew up in Williams Dental Lab, hanging out with his father, Jake Williams. By age 17, he was working as a registered dental assistant by day while taking night classes to become a certified lab technician.

Bob has never rested in his quest for absolute perfection in dental restorations. He has taken courses at the leading institutes for advanced dental study, including the Dawson Center, Pankey Institute, Spears Education, and the Las Vegas Institute. After years of work, he became the first laboratory technician to receive the rank of LVI Master.

But it isn’t just in technical areas where Bob pushes the boundaries of dental techniques. He has pioneered new approaches to communicating and working closely with dentists. As he has become more in demand by dentists offering smile makeovers and full mouth reconstructions for some of the most demanding patients, Bob realized that the old standards of communication and workflow were simply not up to the task. He helped pioneer the use of new digital technologies to improve communication, but he also worked with dentists to build close personal relationships, and that’s how he and Dr. Strickland came to work together on CeraSmile®.

Inventing CeraSmile®

Dr. Strickland set out to invent a new approach to dentures in 2007. He knew that traditional dentures were not just unattractive, they didn’t function well, could be painful, and made people look older. Over the course of two years, he developed the groundbreaking process for Denture Fountain of Youth®, called FOY®  Dentures for short.

As he looked for dental labs capable of delivering the outstanding fit, function, and look he felt patients should achieve with these dentures, he realized only one lab would be capable of living up to his standards: Williams Dental Lab, in large part because of Bob Clark’s expertise and dedication to excellence.

As the two dental experts worked together refining the FOY® Dentures concept, they realized that many of their innovations could be used to improve the experience of people with dental implant bridges. While implants solved many problems denture-wearers experienced, they were not being used to their full advantage. Not only that, but some dental implant processes used destructive techniques that removed too much bone from patients, damaging their underlying facial structure and making it hard for them to achieve an attractive, youthful appearance.

They then worked together to create a new implant bridge process that not only gave great, long-lasting results, but was a gentler process, maintaining more of a person’s bone structure. This faster, gentler process also helps patients achieve a more youthful appearance. The CeraSmile® process is this advanced new approach to implant bridges, and it is growing rapidly in popularity because of the numerous benefits it offers.

Is CeraSmile® Right for You?

Are you unhappy because of bad teeth, bad dentures, or even bad implant bridges? If so, then CeraSmile® might be able to give you better results.

Please contact a local CeraSmile® dentist today to learn more about this groundbreaking approach to implant bridges.