Traditional dentures aren’t well designed to replace natural teeth in terms of function or appearance. In fact, the share that actually look good and function well is so small that it’s almost redundant to talk about “bad” dentures. People often experience a low quality of life because they can’t eat the foods they want, find them uncomfortable, and don’t like the appearance. Fortunately, there’s an alternative!.

CeraSmile® implant bridges solve these and other problems to give you a beautiful, functional new set of teeth. To learn how much better these can be than your typical dentures, contact a local CeraSmile® dentist today for an appointment.

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Common Problems with Dentures

Many people report dissatisfaction with them for multiple reasons. Common complaints about traditional dentures include:

  • Difficulty chewing
  • Unattractive
  • Don’t fit in the mouth
  • Choking and gagging
  • Sore gums
  • Discomfort that makes it hard to wear dentures
  • Broken dentures
  • Lost dentures

One of the biggest complaints about dentures is that people just can’t eat with them. Natural teeth are anchored in your jawbone, which gives them a firm foundation for biting and chewing. Dentures sit on your gums, which are a soft and unsuitable foundation for chewing.

They also often look unattractive. Not only can they look fake, but they constantly come out of place when talking or laughing, which makes people even more self-conscious about their smile.

People also find that their dentures just really don’t fit in their mouth. This is worst with cheap dentures that only come in a limited number of sizes. The odd size and looseness can contribute to a foreign body sensation in the mouth, which is one of the things that causes choking and gagging.

Because your gums aren’t meant to be support teeth, it’s common for people to feel sore gums. Sometimes, the discomfort is so great that you might not wear your dentures all the time, putting them in just for leaving the house or even special occasions. Not wearing them all the time makes it more likely that you will break or lose them. Of course, they can just break in your mouth from biting and chewing, because they’re not very sturdy.

CeraSmile® Solves Your Denture Problems

Attractive auburn haired woman shines after saying goodbye to bad denturesIf you are struggling with these or other problems, there is an alternative. CeraSmile® implant bridges are a tooth replacement solution that gives you a full set of attractive, functional teeth.

Your CeraSmile® will look like natural teeth. When you smile, no one will guess that you have anything but a natural set of pearly whites.

Plus, your CeraSmile® lets you bite and chew normally. The dental bridge is supported by four implants integrated into your jawbone. You can bite down as hard as you would with natural teeth, and the force is directed to your jawbone–there’s no soreness from pressure on your gums. The CeraSmile® bridge is strong enough to handle this force, too, so it won’t break under bite force the way traditional dentures might.

The implants hold your CeraSmile® bridge in place so it’s not slipping out. It feels like your natural teeth, not like having something in your mouth. You won’t be choking or gagging on your bridge.

Replace Bad Dentures with CeraSmile® Bridges

Are you tired of the discomfort and ugly appearance of bad dentures? Do you want to be able to eat freely again? Contact a local CeraSmile® dentist today for an evaluation and start your path to a better life.