Whether you are suffering with bad teeth, bad dentures, or even bad implant bridges, CeraSmile® offers benefits others can’t. CeraSmile® is an innovative new dental implant process that not only gives you a completely new smile in one day, it’s a gentler process that maintains more of your bones. This doesn’t just make your process more comfortable, it maintains your facial structure to help you look younger and more like you.

If you want to learn whether this process can help you live a better life, contact a local CeraSmile® dentist today for an in-person evaluation.

Benefits of CeraSmile®

CeraSmile® is an innovative new approach to implant bridges that is growing rapidly in popularity because of all the benefits it offers. With CeraSmile® , you will enjoy:

  • Quality materials
  • A one-day procedure–you’re never without teeth
  • Long-lasting dental implants and restorations

When you add it all up, you’ll see how much better your life can be thanks to this innovative approach to dental implants, combining the latest insights in cosmetic and implant dentistry with  leading-edge approaches to dental restorations.

A Better-Looking Smile

One problem with many implant bridges is that they’re pre-fabricated. It’s the same as with traditional dentures: everyone gets the same smile. With CeraSmile® ,  you can get a custom smile. It can be the smile of your dreams, or you can bring in an old picture (like your high school yearbook) and we can give you back the smile of your youth. That’s how custom the CeraSmile® process can be.

Retain More Natural Bone

Many dental implant systems are designed by engineers who never have to look patients in the face. These can require aggressive reshaping of your bone until you are made to fit the mechanical tolerances of the implant system. Part of the CeraSmile® customization is fitting the system to your individual jaw.

Look Younger

The bone we retain with CeraSmile® isn’t just your jaw, it’s your facial structure. By retaining more of it, we are able to more easily restore your youthful facial proportions. You won’t just have a more youthful-looking smile, you’ll see fewer wrinkles, folds, and hanging skin in the face and neck.

Eat All Your Favorite Foods

Implant bridges don’t just look like natural teeth–they function like natural teeth. With CeraSmile® , you can get removable or fixed implant bridges, but whichever one you choose, you will enjoy the ability to bite and chew as if you had a full set of healthy, natural teeth. Even if you’ve given up many foods with your natural teeth, you can enjoy them again with CeraSmile® .

Durable Materials

CeraSmile® implant bridges are made with yttria-stabilized zirconia, an advanced ceramic that is even stronger than the titanium used in dental implants. We use the highest quality zirconia available, and use our custom techniques to achieve the best possible appearance with our dental restorations. Strong and beautiful restorations set CeraSmile® apart.

Get Your New Smile in One Day

CeraSmile® is designed so that the procedure is completed in one day. We can extract your natural teeth and place your dental implants in the same procedure. Almost everyone can then get an attractive provisional bridge placed that same day. Many people feel comfortable enough to eat a regular diet that day. You might have to wait a couple of days before you feel up to eating hard foods, but you will have your smile that day.

Dental Implants Can Last for Life

As with other implant bridges, CeraSmile® benefits from the high success rate and long-lasting performance of dental implants. Dental implants have been proven to last over 30 years with a survival rate well over 90% after that time. Some implants last up to 50 years. When you choose implant bridges, you can be choosing a new smile for life.

Is CeraSmile® Right for You?

Are you considering your dental implant options? If so, you should talk to a local CeraSmile® dentist about this exciting new option in implant dentistry.