When you get dental implants, you are promised that they will look and function like natural teeth. This is not an unrealistic promise–implants can certainly do that, but not all implant systems achieve these results. It can be discouraging to invest in dental implants, but not get the results you were promised, but you shouldn’t give up. CeraSmile® is designed to overcome the disappointments of bad bridges so you can finally enjoy the beautiful, functional smile you’ve been looking for.

If you’re tired of struggling with your bad implant bridges, please contact a local CeraSmile® dentist today for a consultation about getting better implants.

Common Problems with Implant Bridges

When you decide to get dental implants, your dentist likely told you that you would get restorations that look and function like natural teeth. Unfortunately, you might not achieve that result. Sometimes people experience problems with implant bridges, such as:

  • Uncomfortable fit that makes it hard to chew
  • Unattractive or fake looking teeth
  • Implant bridge that breaks or wears down

Some dentists think that dental implants automatically fix all problems with chewing, and you’ll be able to bite and chew normally as soon as you get them. However, chewing is about more than teeth, it’s about your jaw and your muscles, and the entire system working together properly. If an implant bridge doesn’t fit your jaw, you might experience discomfort when wearing it, and you might even find that it’s hard to chew.

One of the biggest problems is that implant bridges aren’t always designed or manufactured to look natural and beautiful. Most commonly, they have a generic design where they all look the same. Or perhaps they look fake because of the materials used. You might even experience a more aged appearance because of the way the implant bridge alters your facial proportions.

In addition, some implant bridges are prone to chipping and cracking. Implant bridges have to withstand the full force of biting and chewing, plus the incidental contacts or trauma that can sometimes stress the implant bridge.

CeraSmile® solves these problems.

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CeraSmile® Fits Better

Our dentists know that your implant denture doesn’t just have to fit on your gums, it has to fit in with your jaw, your joint, and your muscles. Our cosmetic dental procedure doesn’t just feel comfortable when you’re resting, it feels natural and normal to chew with, often in a way that you haven’t felt since you started experiencing problems with your natural teeth.

CeraSmile® Looks Better

CeraSmile® looks better than other implant bridges. Our bridges are designed using the latest principles of cosmetic dentistry. Your teeth won’t look generic, straight, and white: they will be customized. A dentist will design your implant bridge to match the proportions of your face. You can make requests about how you want your smile to look, and we can give you exactly what you’re looking for. We can even match the smile you had in an old picture (high school yearbooks are popular). Plus, our master ceramicist has designed his own approach to making the bridges look like natural smiles that CeraSmiles just can’t be matched.

In fact, CeraSmile® bridges are designed so they don’t just improve your smile, they improve your entire face by restoring its youthful proportions. This leads to a rejuvenation similar to a facelift.

CeraSmile® Is StrongerDental bridges with this Older man's CeraSmile allowed him to show off an award winning smile

CeraSmile® utilizes the strongest materials available for its implant bridges. This material is about 20 times stronger than natural tooth enamel. It’s even stronger than the titanium in the dental implants.

Because we use this strong material, we can make it monolithic–it’s all one piece–which eliminates the problems of trying to merge together two different materials. That can lead to weaknesses that cause bridges to fail prematurely. CeraSmile® is unlikely to chip or break, especially given that it’s fit to your natural biting and chewing motions. Plus, it’s unlikely to wear down over time, ours are designed to give you decades of beautiful service.

Enjoy the Promise of Implant Bridges

Implant bridges have a lot of potential to transform your life for the better. We are sorry if  your initial experience didn’t achieve those high hopes for you, and we are committed to ensuring that every patient experiences the benefits of implant bridges.

Please contact a local CeraSmile® dentist today to learn how CeraSmile® is different from your other implant bridge.