Williams Dental Lab is the only lab capable of making CeraSmile® implant bridges because its Master ceramicist Bob Clark worked with Dr. Rod Strickland to develop the approach. In addition, the lab’s values help make sure CeraSmile® remains a premium brand with the most recognizable high-quality restorations.

A Lab Guaranteeing All Work

Products at Williams Dental Lab, ready to add to a new CeraSmileWilliams Dental Lab has long had the policy of always standing behind their work. They are able to do this in part because of their technical expertise, but also because they work hard on communication to ensure they properly understand the parameters of all jobs before starting.

Genuine Consistency

One of the most important traits you need is consistency. You need to know what a dental lab will deliver in response to certain instructions or else you don’t know what instructions to give. Williams Dental Lab is able to deliver consistency at all times–you always know what to expect from your CeraSmile® case.

Fast Turnaround

Custom cases will always take longer than prefabricated, but Williams Dental Lab provides the fastest “in lab” turnaround times in the country, which is incredible given the quality of their work. This lets you deliver CeraSmile® cases so fast that your patients will comment on the speed, not the wait. In addition, they are always open to rushing cases at any time.

A Lab with Excellent Communication

Bob has been working with dentists since he was 17, and was an apprentice with his father for 8 years before that! He has learned how to communicate with dentists so that everyone knows exactly what is being made. He has incorporated new advanced technologies into his communication routine, and he carefully instructs all his technicians in the lessons he has learned from decades of working with dentists.

An Earned Mastership

Williams Dental Lab follows the Mastership protocols.That’s how they are able to achieve all of the above: speed, quality, communication, and guaranteed cases. Once you have worked with WDL, you will realize why they are the only choice for CeraSmile® implant bridges.

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