If you have bad teeth, you are likely very unhappy with them. They can look unattractive, be painful, make it hard to chew, and even give you a bad taste in your mouth. You might be holding on to them because you know that dentures might be worse. Not anymore. CeraSmile® is a replacement option that gives you a full set of attractive, functional teeth. These won’t get cavities, and you can go back to eating a normal diet and not worrying.

If you are considering replacing your bad teeth with CeraSmile® , please contact a local CeraSmile® dentist today for an appointment.

Problems with Bad Teeth

Many people struggle for a number of reasons, they have a set of teeth that are unhealthy and at risk. If you are in this group, you might experience:

  • Difficulty chewing
  • Unattractive smile
  • Sensitive or painful
  • Sore gums
  • Food gets stuck in
  • Bad breath
  • Need for constant dental care

They don’t function the way they should. This includes both your chewing and your smile, which is an important function of your teeth. They might be constantly painful, or they could be sensitive to pressure, temperature, sweets, or acids. Your gums might also be tender, sore, or bleeding. And you can get food stuck in your teeth whenever you eat.

You might experience chronic bad breath, which persists no matter how much time you spend brushing, flossing, or rinsing with mouthwash.

And then there’s the need for constant dental care. You are regularly visiting a dentist and paying a lot of money to maintain a set of teeth that doesn’t look or function as it should.

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You Have Tried Your Best

There’s a misconception that people who are facing the loss of teeth have neglected them. In our experience, it’s often the opposite. People facing the loss are often the most conscientious about getting good dental care. They see their dentist more than anyone because of all the problems.

Perhaps it’s time to admit that you have tried hard to maintain your teeth, but it’s time to give up on them. It might be worth keeping up the fight if there weren’t a better alternative, but now there is: CeraSmile® .

CeraSmile® gives you replacement teeth that look and function as they should. And they can’t get cavities.

Beautiful, Functional Replacements

CeraSmile® isn’t like old-fashioned dentures. It’s a tooth replacement system that gives you that look and function just like natural teeth. You will be able to chew all the food you are currently skipping, and you’ll have a beautiful smile again. This smile won’t look fake, either. It can look natural, and look just like you want, including restoring them as they were when you were younger.

Man in a blue collared shirt shows off this teeth, don't have bad teeth, get a CeraSmileTeeth That Can’t Get Cavities

There’s another great benefit of CeraSmile® implant bridges: they can’t get cavities. Unlike natural teeth, the CeraSmile® bridge is resistant to acid, and the outside of the restoration is glazed smooth so that it’s hard for oral bacteria to stick.

Gum disease is also less of a problem, although it’s possible. The CeraSmile® bridge protects your implants from getting too much exposure to foods and oral bacteria. Maintenance of your dental implants is typically easier than for natural teeth, and since you’re starting over fresh, it’s easier to achieve and maintain healthy dental implants.

Don’t Keep Struggling with Bad Teeth

If you are fighting with bad teeth, you don’t have to keep struggling. There is a better option that will give you an attractive, functional replacement option. To learn how CeraSmile® can be better, please contact a local CeraSmile® dentist today for an appointment.