One of the biggest surprises to patients who wear dentures for the first time is that chewing feels entirely different from what it did when they had natural teeth. Chewing and eating is one of the top complaints of denture wearers. If you’re tired of struggling with the instability of eating with dentures, CeraSmile® might be the perfect alternative treatment to replace your missing teeth. Discover what it’s like to eat with CeraSmile®.

Eat and Taste Your Favorite Foods

One of the issues with dentures is that they cover the roof of your mouth. You might not know this, but there are actually a lot of taste buds located there. When you cover the roof of your mouth with dentures, you no longer taste food as well. In addition, the instability of dentures might make you not want to eat any difficult to eat foods. This can cause you to miss out on all your favorite foods like steak or corn on the cob.

With CeraSmile®, not only will you not have the roof of your mouth covered, but your implant bridge uses dental implants to secure itself to your jaw. This means no slipping or sliding will occur while you eat. Instead, chewing feels similar to the way it did when you had natural teeth.

With this added layer of stability, you can enjoy all of your favorite foods again. 

mature couple enjoying a healthy meal together

Chewing Feels Natural

As we stated before, CeraSmile® secures itself to your jaw with dental implants. With dentures, usually, the pressure of chewing goes directly onto your gums which can feel incredibly uncomfortable and make chewing feel unnatural. With CeraSmile®, the pressure from chewing goes directly onto your jaw bone which feels more comfortable and more natural.

Experience No Stress When You Eat

Since CeraSmile® stays in place while you eat and puts the pressure from chewing on your jaw bone, it will feel completely natural. As a result, you won’t feel stressed that your dentures fall out while you’re enjoying a meal. This means less stress in your life. Get back to eating and enjoying yourself, not eating and feeling stressed out.

No Worries About Staining

A common problem with cheap dentures is that they become stained easily. You don’t have to worry about staining with CeraSmile®. CeraSmile® is made with high-quality materials including yttria-stabilized zirconia which is an advanced ceramic similar to the material in porcelain veneers. This material looks and feels more natural, and is stain resistant. This means you don’t have to worry about consuming too much red wine or coffee thinking it will stain your restorations.

CeraSmile® is the perfect tooth replacement option for anyone who wants to eat comfortably without worrying about their restorations falling out or becoming stained. If your dentures or implant bridges aren’t allowing you to enjoy eating the way you want to, consider replacing them with CeraSmile®. Find a CeraSmile® dentist near you today to get started!