With so many tooth replacement options on the market today, it can feel difficult to choose the right one for you. Unfortunately, every tooth replacement option has lots of different misconceptions surrounding them. For example, dentures are known to be extremely uncomfortable and always look too big for your face. While this isn’t entirely false, the results highly depend on the dentist. There are also some misconceptions about CeraSmile™ floating around. Find out the truth before you make your tooth replacement choice.

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CeraSmile™ is Too Expensive

One of the biggest misconceptions about CeraSmile™ is that it’s too expensive. If you look at alternative tooth replacement options like dental implants or the leading implant bridge, it’s going to have a similar price. You do pay for what you get. Think about how often you use your teeth. They’re used to chew, to smile, to speak, to laugh. Wouldn’t you want to invest in something you use every day? Most people don’t bat an eye at spending $60,000 on a car they will drive for less than a decade but won’t even consider spending more than a few thousand on a smile that will last much longer. When you pay for CeraSmile™, you’re paying for a smile that will last you for a very long time.

The CeraSmile™ Procedure is Long

Unlike other tooth replacement treatments, the CeraSmile™ procedure is fast and oftentimes can be completed in just one visit! Your CeraSmile™ dentist can place your implants and provide you with a beautiful new smile in just one visit. 90% of cases can get their new smile the same day as their procedure. Those who can’t have it the same day usually just need extended healing time to ensure the results stay.

I Don’t Have Enough Bone for CeraSmile™

One thing that sets CeraSmile™ apart from other tooth replacement options is that it’s shaped to fit your bone, not the opposite. If you don’t think you have enough bone for CeraSmile™, your dentist will determine this. If it’s true, you might just need a bone graft to become a qualified candidate for CeraSmile™. Don’t write off CeraSmile™ until you meet with a dentist for a consultation.

I Can Get the Same Results with Another Tooth Replacement Option

Not true. CeraSmile™ offers natural results made with the finest materials. With CeraSmile™ you will enjoy:

  • A younger appearance
  • A long-lasting smile
  • One-day procedure
  • Retain more natural bone
  • Improve appearance
  • Amazing functionality
  • A full ceramic dental bridge

Look at before and after images to see the results for yourself. If you think you could benefit from CeraSmile™, find a dentist near you to schedule a consultation today!