Once you reach the older years of life, you’re likely to try anything to look a little younger; from special creams to BOTOX® and plastic surgery and restrictive diets. One factor many people don’t consider is how your smile can affect how old you look.

Your smile affects how old you look even more when you don’t have any remaining natural teeth left. It also doesn’t help if you have a cheap denture or implant bridge solution. Fortunately, with CeraSmile®, you can shave years off your appearance and get a brand new smile, all in one. Find out how CeraSmile® can help you look younger.

Beautiful Smiles Make You Look Younger

One of the ways CeraSmile® can help you look younger is because it looks more natural than most dentures and implant bridges. Instead of using the same plastic material on the teeth and gums of dentures or cheap plastic in implant bridges, CeraSmile® is an implant bridge made entirely of zirconia ceramic. Zirconia ceramic is stronger than titanium, is stain resistant, and can be colored and shaped to create the best-looking smile for your facial features. CeraSmile® can give you that dazzling celebrity smile you’ve always dreamed of, and it’s long-lasting, unlike cheap bridges or dentures.

When you have a beautiful smile that complements your appearance, it can help you look younger. Just look at people who have stained and yellow teeth or noticeable damage; their smile instantly makes them look older. With CeraSmile®’s beautiful custom appearance, you can look years younger.

woman enjoying beautiful day in the park

Facial Rejuvenation

As you get older, it’s normal for your face to age. The soft facial tissue such as muscles, skin, and connective tissue relies on the jaw bone and teeth to support them in place. With tooth loss and aging, this support system soon begins to disappear. As a result, many people experience more wrinkles around the mouth, jowls, turkey neck, lines between the chin and mouth, and other facial signs of aging.

CeraSmile® doesn’t just replace your missing teeth, it helps restore your youthful facial proportions and reduce signs of aging. After receiving CeraSmile®, you will notice wrinkles disappear, skin looking tighter, and overall, looking younger. So why don’t other implant bridges offer facial rejuvenation? They’re not built to help you look younger. CeraSmile® was designed with the latest technologies in implant bridges to promote facial rejuvenation.

If you’re unhappy with your smile and want to shave years off your appearance naturally, without seeing a plastic surgeon, CeraSmile® might be right for you. Find a CeraSmile® dentist in your area today to schedule a consultation.