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Dr. Rod Strober

Dr. Rod Strober has over 26 years of experience as a cosmetic dentist delivering exceptional results and patient-centered care. In his experience, he’s built successful dental practices in both Boston and San Diego and now hopes to achieve the same success at his new Rancho Mirage dental office.

Dr. Strober graduated in 1989 from Skidmore College with a liberal arts and science background. He went on to attend The State University of New York at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine where he combined his passion for art and science into his career – a general and cosmetic dentist. After graduating with his dental degree in 1993, Dr. Strober moved to Boston where he successfully practiced dentistry for 14 years. After dealing with cold and snowy winters for many years, Dr. Strober quickly jumped at the opportunity to start his own practice in sunny San Diego.

In San Diego, Dr. Strober started a small successful practice with many loyal patients. With hard work and dedication, he had built a patient-centered practice with an amazing team that offered the best customer service. His dental office also offered the latest dental techniques and technology to enhance every patient’s experience.

During his time in San Diego, Dr. Strober was involved with several different local and regional associations including ADA, CDA, AGD, AACD, and AADSM. To stay updated on the latest technology and procedures in dentistry, Dr. Strober regularly attended seminars and peer groups. The Academy of General Dentistry also honored him with a Fellowship.

After practicing dentistry for 25 years in Boston and San Diego, Dr. Rod Strober decided to move to the desert and retire. However, it wasn’t long into his retirement that he realized he wasn’t ready to retire. He missed serving his community and patients with the best dental care possible. He then acquired Country Club Dentistry to build as his new practice.

At Country Club Dentistry, Dr. Rod Strober offers cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, and sleep apnea treatments. He also has an intensive focus on the placement of dental implants. After 250 hours of continuing education about dental implants, he achieved a Mastership from the International Dental Implant Association (FIDA). The Mastership also required him to place more than 40 implants to obtain certification.  

With his extensive dental implants knowledge and experience, it only made sense for Dr. Strober to start offering CeraSmile at his dental office. CeraSmile combines the best of dental implants and cosmetic dentistry into one procedure. Dr. Strober loves providing his patients with a smile that not only looks amazing but feels comfortable and functional.

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Natural Looking Dentures Alternative in Rancho Mirage, California

Dr. Strober recommends CeraSmile to his patients for several reasons.

“CeraSmile is the unique all-ceramic option for restoring a patient’s smile combining both natural facial esthetics with ideal esthetics to create a permanent non-removable solution. The process eliminates the embarrassment and worry that comes with dentures. Patients no longer have to worry about cavities, crowns, or root canals ever again. CeraSmile is a beautiful, long-lasting, non-removable solution to all your dental worries!”

It only makes sense to offer CeraSmile as a dentures alternative in the Rancho Mirage area. The area is home to lots of retirees who are unhappy with their current dentures or implant bridges. According to, 70% of residents in Rancho Mirage are aged 55 years old or older. Instead of wearing uncomfortable and dysfunctional dentures, patients can visit Dr. Rod Strober for custom-fit CeraSmile implant bridges.

CeraSmile rejuvenates the appearance, maintains the jaw bone, improves the smile, and looks completely natural! Patients who choose CeraSmile can even have their smiles designed to look like their old high school yearbook photos. In just one day, Dr. Strober can transform your smile for years to come.
If you live in Rancho Mirage and you’re unhappy with your current set of dentures or implant bridge, or your teeth are unhealthy and you need to replace them, contact Dr. Strober at Country Club Dentistry to find out if CeraSmile is a good option for you.