If you’re considering CeraSmile®, one of the decisions you will have to make is whether you want a fixed or removable implant bridge. Your Why Choose CeraSmile® dentist will recommend the best choice for you depending on how much bone structure is in your jaw. Of course, there are pros and cons to each choice. Find out whether you should get a fixed implant bridge or removable implant bridge with CeraSmile®.

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Benefits of Implant Bridges

If you’re choosing CeraSmile® over dentures or other alternative implant bridges, you’re gaining access to a multitude of benefits including the following.

CeraSmile® looks more natural than other tooth replacements on the market. This is because it uses the highest quality zirconia available. In addition, each smile is custom-designed to complement the facial features. The restorations are also designed to fit the jaw so little to no jaw reshaping needs to be done. This preserves more bone to allow for a more aesthetic smile and facial features. Patients also experience facial rejuvenation which decreases the appearance of wrinkles. The best benefit of all is that 90% of patients can finish their procedure in just one day.

The Differences between Fixed and Removable Implant Bridges

When deciding whether you want a fixed or removable CeraSmile®, there are several different factors to consider. Your dentist will also make a recommendation based on your oral health and how much bone your jaw has. If you choose a fixed CeraSmile®, this means the restorations are secured to the dental implants and only your dentist can remove them. If they are removable, this means that you can take them out whenever you please. Generally, those with removable CeraSmile®, leave them out while they sleep.

Bone Condition

Fixed implant bridges can 100% restore chewing functionality while removable implants only restore up to 90%. If you’re opting for removable CeraSmile®, you typically require fewer dental implants to stabilize CeraSmile® than if they were fixed implants. Depending on your bone’s condition will determine how many implants you need to accomplish your goals. Oftentimes patients may opt for removable implant bridges because it requires fewer dental implants.


It’s more convenient to have a fixed bridge than a removable implant bridge. To clean a fixed bridge, you simply brush it just like you would normal teeth. With a removable bridge, cleaning it is similar to cleaning dentures.

Sleep Conditions

Those who suffer from sleep apnea or TMJ may find it more difficult to treat their problems if they have to remove their CeraSmile® at night.


Although both fixed and removable CeraSmile® restorations restore chewing functionality quite well, fixed implant bridges are stronger for biting into foods and chewing with.

Find a CeraSmile® dentist near you today to find out whether a fixed or removable restoration is your best option.