With so many tooth replacement options available today like implant bridges like CeraSmile™ and implant-supported dentures, it’s a surprise that patients still choose dentures. If you currently have dentures and you’re unhappy with your experience, there are a few signs you should replace your dentures with CeraSmile™ to watch out for.

Excited older woman amazed by her new denture alternatives

Your Dentures Look Unnatural

One of the top reasons patients opt for CeraSmile™ after having dentures is because their dentures look unnatural. Oftentimes dentures are mass-produced without taking your facial aesthetics into consideration. In addition, it’s made with plastic which can look unnatural. With CeraSmile™, your implant bridge is custom-made using the finest ceramic material. It’s made to fit every curve of your jaw and can even be designed to look like the smile of your youth. Just bring a photo to use for reference and your CeraSmile™ dentist can make it happen. Take a look at some of our before and after photos to see the difference for yourself.

Your Dentures Fit Uncomfortably

It’s normal for your arches to change shape over time which can make your dentures fit incorrectly. It’s also possible that the dentist who fits your original dentures didn’t take accurate impressions. Whatever the reasons, if you feel like your dentures don’t fit right, opting for CeraSmile™ is a good choice. With today’s technology, your implant bridge will fit every piece of your mouth to leave you with everlasting comfort. As an added bonus, since the implants hold the bridge in place, you don’t have to deal with dentures covering the roof or floor of your mouth. Instead, you can enjoy the natural feel of your mouth again. This results in more comfort and allows you to taste more food.

Your Dentures Feel Loose or Wobbly

Not only does CeraSmile™ fit more comfortable but it will provide you with more security. Instead of dealing with loose or wobbly dentures, your fixed or removable implant bridges are held in place with dental implants. This means you can bite into food, chew, talk, or smile without worrying if your teeth will fall out.

You Look Older Than You Are

When you don’t replace the roots of your teeth after your teeth fall out or become extracted, it’s normal for your jaw to lose bone. After time, this can cause your face to show more wrinkles and even cause the lower third of your face to sag. When you opt for CeraSmile™, your dentist replaces the missing tooth roots by using dental implants. This will regenerate lost bone and help you enjoy a more youthful appearance.

Not only can CeraSmile™ help you resolve all these issues you have with your dentures but you can achieve your beautiful new results in just one day! Find a CeraSmile™ dentist near you to get started.