Although dentists want to preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible, there does become a point where it makes more sense to extract your teeth instead of trying to save them. Fortunately, CeraSmile makes for the perfect tooth replacement. Once you have your teeth extracted, you can have a beautiful new smile that looks completely natural. Discover some of the reasons why you should have your teeth extracted instead of trying to save them.

Male dentist removes his female patients tooth

Teeth Aren’t Salvageable

One of the first reasons you should extract your teeth instead of trying to save them is if your teeth aren’t salvageable. If you have broken or decayed teeth beyond repair, there’s nothing you can do but extract it. Even a crown can’t save it at this point.

Teeth are Too Weak for Restoration

If you have multiple fillings in your teeth, root canals and little to no natural tooth structure left, your teeth then become too weak for a restoration like a dental crown. At this point, extraction becomes a better solution because your tooth won’t last much longer on its own.

You Live in a Remote Location

If you live far away from a dentist and your teeth aren’t in the best health, it might make the most sense for you to extract your teeth instead of saving them. This will prevent you from having to make a long trek to visit the dentist all the time.

Cracked Teeth to the Root

If your tooth has cracks that go as deep as the root, unfortunately, there’s nothing that can really fix this. Even with a root canal, it’s unlikely it will restore your tooth enough.

Infected Teeth

If your teeth experience recurring infections, it makes more sense to have your teeth extracted instead of trying to treat a never-ending infection.

You’re at the End Stage of Gum Disease

Once you reach the end stage of gum disease, your teeth usually fall out on their own. To save you from the pain of experiencing this, you can have your teeth extracted instead. Once they’re extracted, your dentist can treat you for gum disease and provide you with a permanent tooth replacement option.

Maintaining Natural Teeth is Too Expensive

It’s no secret that restorative procedures are expensive. If you have to keep visiting your dentist for these procedures, it’s going to add up. If your teeth are heading south, it might make more sense financially to have your teeth extracted and invest your money in a long-long tooth replacement.

You Only Have a Few Teeth Left

If you only have a few teeth left in your mouth and their future looks grim, extracting them might make the most sense. Once they’re extracted, you can invest in a full mouth tooth replacement.

Replace Missing Teeth with CeraSmile

CeraSmile offers a natural-looking and feeling tooth replacement that offers more benefits than dentures and the leading implant bridges. If you have had all your teeth extracted, CeraSmile might be the right tooth replacement solution for you. Find a CeraSmile dentist today.