Are you looking for an implant bridge system that adjusts to you and preserves more of your natural bone? Unlinke CeraSmile® dentists, implant dentists don’t talk about a dirty secret: many implant bridge systems require a dentist to grind away a high proportion of your jawbone to make the implant bridge fit. This is partly an engineering problem, and partly related to the training of new implant dentists. But CeraSmile® is custom-designed for you. It’s set up to maintain as much of your jawbone as possible so that you have a gentler procedure and can achieve better facial rejuvenation.

Please contact a local CeraSmile® dentist today to see if this is the right restoration for you.

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Benefits of Retaining Your Jawbone

Why is it important to retain more of your natural bone? First of all, it’s yours, and why should we remove it if we don’t have to? But beyond that, you will be happy because:

  • Your procedure is gentler
  • Your procedure is shorter
  • You will have more bone for future needs
  • Maintaining bone preserves your appearance
  • You can achieve better rejuvenation

Cutting and grinding away bone makes for a very invasive dental implant procedure. This can lead to long-lasting soreness and potential complications. Plus, the process of cutting and grinding takes time. Retaining bone can make your procedure shorter.

Removing bone might seem like a good idea now, but you never know why you might need that bone in the future for supporting implants or other causes in case some complications arise.

There are also good cosmetic reasons to retain your natural bone. Your jawbone is your facial structure, and if you remove it, you can alter your appearance. The goal of replacing your teeth might be to make you look better, but you still want to look like you. And retaining more bone makes it easier for us to restore your youthful proportions, which can help you look much younger.

Why Some Implant Systems Grind Down Bone

With all these benefits to retaining your natural bone, why would any implant system be set up to grind it away? There are two main reasons, one engineering, and one administrative.

From an engineering standpoint, these implant systems are made to be mass-manufactured and distributed around the world. They are supposed to be placed in thousands, even millions of patients, with little room for customization in many aspects. From an engineering standpoint, the easiest way to make a stable foundation is to create a level surface, just like planing the land before building a house.

Plus, the systems are designed to be used by numerous dentists around the world, including general dentists with little implant training. It’s hard to teach all these dentists how to design a custom approach to dealing with your bone. It’s easier to just teach them to grind the bone down to make the proper surface.

CeraSmile® Is Different

CeraSmile® isn’t limited by these engineering and administrative problems. CeraSmile® implant bridges aren’t mass-produced, they’re custom-made. We can design a solution for you that both retains your bone and provides a firm foundation for functional teeth.

Plus, CeraSmile® dentists aren’t your average dentists. They are a select group, chosen from the small pool of elite dentists who are prepared to train in our detailed process. They can handle the complex restorative principles required to achieve success without simply grinding away so much of your bone.

CeraSmile® Saves More of You

If you are considering dental implant longevity and don’t like the idea of a dentist simply grinding away your bone to make a level surface for your implants, you should consider the CeraSmile® process. Please contact a local CeraSmile® dentist today for an evaluation.