CeraSmile Video Course

CeraSmile Video Course


This series includes the following videos:

(1) CeraSmile Session 1 (1:49:20)
(2) CeraSmile Session 2 (1:17:21)
(3) CeraSmile Session 3 (1:23:57)
(4) CeraSmile Session 4 (2:35:53)
(5) CeraSmiles Session 5 (3:09:35)
(6) CeraSmile Cocooning (21:06)
(7) Bob Talk Session (27:48)

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In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to offer high-quality implant-supported bridges, and do so cost-effectively! We dive deep into several case studies and talk in detail about techniques and equipment that you can use when challenges arise. You’ll receive practical knowledge that will equip you to start closing and providing great results in your hybrid cases.

This is a video from the spring course in 2020. It is not a live course. This product also includes a 1-hour live video Q&A with CeraSmile co-founders Dr. Rod Strickland and Bob Clark.

Note: It is not required for you to be a CeraSmile® provider in order to implement and enjoy the benefits of this course, but please DO NOT advertise this as the CeraSmile® technique unless you are a CeraSmile® franchisee.