One of the advantages of the CeraSmile procedure is that it’s very fast – allowing you to never being without teeth. If you’re struggling with bad teeth and don’t want to get implants because you are afraid that would leave you without teeth, you don’t have to worry: you won’t ever leave your dentist’s office without teeth.

If you are looking to replace bad teeth and want to never be without a smile, CeraSmile might be right for you. Please contact a local CeraSmile dentist today for an appointment.

The Old Implant Process Left You without Teeth

Originally, dental implants were placed in the jawbone and then covered up with your gums. They were given months to heal, perhaps four to six months.

What did you do for teeth during this time? Usually, people wear a temporary or healing denture. It’s a terrible tradeoff for people who are looking for implant bridges to have to be stuck with a denture for that period of time.

Unfortunately, there are many dental offices that still do implants this way. Make sure you ask a dentist explicitly whether you will get an implant bridge right away or have to wear a healing denture not attached to the implants.

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The CeraSmile Process Means You Always Have Teeth

With CeraSmile, you will never be without teeth. When we extract your natural teeth, we will place the dental implants immediately after. Then we will test the stability of the implants. If they are stable enough, we will place an implant bridge on top in the same procedure. You will leave with a full set of attractive, functional teeth.

There is a small chance that when we evaluate the implants, they might not be stable enough to support the bridge. In that case, you wouldn’t have your implant bridge right away. But the risk of that is small, so small that we’ve never seen it. The implants share the load and the bridge stabilizes them, so they don’t need to be super secure immediately.

Benefits of Getting Your Teeth Right Away

Of course, it’s comforting to never be without teeth, but it’s actually a better procedure for many reasons. Getting your teeth right away can:

Dental implants need to build bone around them to become stable in your jaw. Studies have shown that this happens more quickly if the implants get the right amount of pressure. The balance between the four implants and the bridge helps ensure that CeraSmile gives your implants the right amount of pressure.

Dentures, on the other hand, can sometimes cause problems for dental implants. They might put pressure on the implants, or irritate the gums, which can lead to complications.

If you get your implant bridge right away, you can start eating better right away. This is good for your overall health–and for your implants. You need good nutrition to build jawbone around the implants.

And, of course, if your implants are hidden under your gums, you will need additional procedures to expose your implants and attach them to your bridge. With CeraSmile, we simply need to change out your provisional bridge for a permanent one.

Never Be without Teeth Thanks to CeraSmile

If you are looking for an implant bridge, you probably don’t like the idea of waiting months to get it. With CeraSmile, you can get your implant bridge right away. Please contact a local CeraSmile dentist to learn more about the benefits of this procedure.