Although some dentures and dental bridges are built to last, they usually won’t last forever and will need replacement at some point. You might need to replace yours but you aren’t aware of the signs yet. To help you determine if it’s time to replace your dental bridge or dentures, we’ve compiled a list of warning signs to watch for. If you notice any of these problems, you probably need to replace your dental bridge or dentures.

They Don’t Look Natural

One of the first signs it’s time to replace your dentures or dental bridge is if they don’t look natural in your mouth. Oftentimes if the size of your teeth is too large or too small, or perhaps the color of your teeth is too white or not white enough, or the shape of your teeth simply doesn’t complement your appearance, it can cause your teeth to look unnatural. When it comes to replacement teeth, you will want them to look as natural as possible. In other words, replace your dentures or dental bridge if they look unnatural.

They Feel Uncomfortable

When your dental bridge or dentures feel uncomfortable, it usually means they don’t fit you correctly or aren’t designed with your comfort in mind. You should be able to wear your tooth replacements all day without experiencing discomfort.

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You Get Sores on Your Gums

Another sign that you should replace your dental bridge or dentures is if they leave sores on your gums. These sores are the result of poorly fitting dentures or dental bridges. The sores develop due to the imbalance of pressure being placed on the gums. The imbalance can cause severe discomfort, sores, and make eating and talking feel difficult.

They’re Damaged

Over time, it’s possible for the teeth to become loose in the dentures, for the dental bridge to have small fractures or cracks, and other damage to occur. The damage will continue to grow until you replace your set of dentures or dental bridges.

You Speak with a Lisp

When your tooth replacement fits incorrectly, it can affect your speech. You might speak with a lisp or other speech impediment that causes you to feel self-conscious about speaking.

Their Color Changed

The last reason you should replace your dentures or dental bridge is if their color changed. Dentures and dental bridges made with cheap plastics easily become discolored or stained. This can make your smile look unnatural and unsightly.

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