Many people no longer enjoy eating because of their unhealthy teeth. Many foods just become too painful to eat. Other times, they worry that their teeth are at risk because they are weak or loose, and eating hard foods can cause them to come out. With dentures, the options might not be any better. In fact, they might be worse. And while implant bridges have the ability to restore the function of your natural teeth, they don’t always. But CeraSmile dentures are designed to securely replace your missing teeth so that they function just like natural teeth.

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It’s Hard to Enjoy Eating with Bad Teeth

Bad teeth can make it hard to eat many foods. And they can diminish the joy of eating so it’s just not worth it anymore. People with bad teeth often no longer enjoy eating certain foods because:

  • It’s painful to chew
  • Teeth are loose
  • Can’t chew as well
  • Food gets stuck between teeth
  • Food gets stuck in gums
  • Bad taste makes eating unpleasant

People with bad teeth might stop enjoying eating certain foods because they’re painful to eat. They might give up hard or tough foods, or maybe it’s acidic foods, or possibly it’s sweets.

Other times, people might give up foods because they just can’t chew them as well as they used to–maybe they have fewer teeth, or the teeth they have are broken, so they can’t properly bite down on the foods they want to eat. Or perhaps teeth are loose, and they’re afraid they might get lost.

Food can also get stuck in bad teeth. It might get stuck in cavities, between teeth, or possibly between teeth and gums. This is unpleasant, can be painful, and can lead to decayed food stuck in the mouth. This, combined with emissions from infected teeth, can lead to a bad taste in the mouth that makes eating unpleasant.

Bad Dentures Aren’t Better

On the other hand, people sometimes find the situation is actually worse when they get rid of their natural teeth and replace them with dentures. They might find that:

  • It’s painful to chew
  • Chewing function is limited or nonexistent
  • Food gets stuck under dentures
  • Dentures acquire unpleasant odor or taste
  • Dentures limit the sense of taste

Just as with bad teeth, bad dentures can make it hard to chew. Dentures don’t give you much bite force to bite down into and chew many natural foods. Plus, dentures don’t give much in the way of biting and chewing force.

Removable dentures can get food under them. This food can irritate your gums and make it even harder to chew. And when your dentures get food stuck under there, the food can decay, creating an unpleasant taste. Or the dentures might just begin to smell over time.

In addition, dentures can make it hard to taste the foods you enjoy eating. That’s because traditional dentures cover your upper palate, which is almost as important for taste as your tongue.

Enjoy Food Again

If you are tired of avoiding all the foods you used to enjoy eating, consider CeraSmile. CeraSmile can give you the ability to enjoy all your favorite foods again. Please contact a local CeraSmile dentist today to learn more about the benefits of this unique and innovative implant bridge system.