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Dr. Rod Strickland

Dr. Rod Strickland is a passionate and experienced cosmetic dentist in Savannah, Georgia. Dr. Strickland loves providing his patients with the treatments they need to accomplish beautiful and functional smiles. His passion for dentistry stems back to his college career where he studied molecular biology at Indiana University. He also spent his time conducting molecular genetics research which resulted in a co-authored publication in an elite journal, SCIENCE. After just three years of undergraduate study, Dr. Strickland achieved early acceptance to Indiana University School of Dentistry.

After he obtained his dental degree, Dr. Strickland continued to learn more about dentistry. He continuously spends about 150 hours per year completing continuing education courses in various subjects. Most importantly, he completed courses about cosmetic dentistry and neuromuscular dentistry at the elite Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). Dr. Strickland is one of their most recognized and highly trained graduates.

Dr. Strickland spent more than 10 years as the Faculty Practitioner for the Indiana School of Dentistry. After running his own successful private dental practice for 12 years, Dr. Strickland joined Beyond Exceptional Dentistry in Savannah, GA.

Dr. Strickland has had an eventful dental career. He’s won first place in a Dental Design Competition and invented Denture Fountain of Youth® – a new dentures treatment that retains your youthful appearance.

After creating the successful FOY® Dentures, Dr. Strickland joined forces with Dr. Bob Clark to refine the FOY® Dentures process to create CeraSmile. CeraSmile offers a new take on implant bridges, with results you can’t find with any other treatment.

Dr. Strickland loves to help his patients achieve their best smiles in any way that he can. Even if that means inventing a new procedure to make it happen!

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Replace Your Missing Teeth Without Dentures in Savannah, GA

As an experienced dentist, Dr. Strickland is no stranger to the drawbacks of traditional dentures and implant bridges. After recognizing that the process sacrificed either beauty or function, he decided to invent a new way to replace teeth that offered the functionality of dental implants and the beauty of full ceramic restorations.

He’s happy to now offer a way to replace missing teeth without dentures. CeraSmile gives him the ability to design restorations for every individual smile. The bridge is made with a high-strength ceramic material that offers strength beyond titanium and a natural appearance. The treatment also takes your facial proportions into account to rejuvenate your facial appearance and give you the best comfort possible.

CeraSmile is a less invasive procedure than dental implants and we can complete the procedure in just one day. You don’t have to worry about wearing uncomfortable temporary restorations or patiently waiting for your mouth to heal. Dr. Strickland is excited to offer this transformational alternative to dentures in Savannah, GA. Please contact Dr. Strickland today to schedule a consultation for CeraSmile in Savannah.