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Dr. Rod Strickland

Dr. Rod Strickland is a talented cosmetic dentist in South Carolina with a passion for giving his patients beautiful, healthy smiles. Dr. Strickland attended Indiana University where he studied molecular biology and also participated in molecular genetics research. His research was co-authored and published in SCIENCE, a prestigious journal. Due to his academic excellence in just three years of undergraduate study, he gained early acceptance at Indiana University School of Dentistry.

Even after he graduated from Indiana University School of Dentistry, Dr. Strickland has not stopped learning. He has since pursued continual education in neuromuscular and cosmetic dentistry at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI) where he has become one of their most known and highly trained graduates.

Among his other professional achievements, Dr. Strickland won first place in 2000 in the “Dental Design Competition” sponsored by Dental Economics. The competition also awarded him first place for high-technology integration and office design.

For more than 10 years, Dr. Strickland held the position of Faculty Practitioner for the Indiana University School of Dentistry. After building a successful dental practice that drew patients from across the region in Indiana, Dr. Strickland received an amazing offer to join Beyond Exceptional Dentistry with locations in South Carolina and Georgia.

Dr. Strickland is also the inventor of Denture Fountain of Youth®, a new denture procedure. In addition to inventing FOY® Dentures, he regularly trains cosmetic dentists from around the world on how to perform the procedure.

Dr. Strickland is also the co-inventor of CeraSmile. Working together with Dr. Bob Clark, they refined the FOY® Dentures process and worked with a dental lab to improve quality and consistency to create the CeraSmile technique.

Dr. Strickland loves giving his patients as many options as possible to reconstruct their smiles.

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Beautiful Dentures Alternative in Bluffton, South Carolina

Dr. Strickland is proud to offer a dentures alternative in Bluffton, South Carolina. CeraSmile is a new approach to replacing missing teeth that combines stability and aesthetics. Unlike traditional dentures, CeraSmile is designed to fit your unique smile.

CeraSmile is made with the finest ceramic material to give you an amazingly beautiful smile that also offers a high strength so you can bite or chew just like you would with natural teeth. This type of strength isn’t available with traditional implant bridges or dentures.

In addition to its high strength, beauty, and durability, Dr. Strickland designs CeraSmile to harmonize perfectly with your facial proportions to improve function and appearance. This rejuvenates your facial appearance and ensures you experience complete comfort and relaxed jaw muscles.

The CeraSmile procedure is less invasive and removes less bone than traditional dental implants.

Dr. Strickland understands how uncomfortable traditional dentures feel or how embarrassing it feels to wait weeks or months for your permanent restorations. With CeraSmile, you can achieve a beautiful new smile in just one day. There are no temporary restorations or healing time required.

Contact Dr. Strickland to schedule a consultation for this dentures alternative in Bluffton, South Carolina today.