A group of cosmetic dentist offering the best in dental care examine x-rays of a CeraSmile patients teeth.Full arch implant bridges are becoming the standard of care for edentulous patients. If your practice isn’t ready to provide this level of care, you will see more and more of your patients leaving in search of a cosmetic dentist who can give them what they need. But for many of us, the implant bridge systems available have too many problems. They might not offer the aesthetics our patients have come to expect. Perhaps they have a high failure rate. Or maybe they ask you to do unjustifiable damage to your patients’ jaws.

That’s why cosmetic dentist Dr. Rod Strickland and master ceramicist Bob Clark worked together to develop CeraSmile®. They wanted an implant bridge system that they would feel fully comfortable delivering to their patients. It had to harmonize with patients’ anatomy, not try to force their anatomy to conform to the system. It had to be durable and long-lasting. And it had to be beautiful.

CeraSmile® achieves those goals so wonderfully that we think every person should have access to this type of restoration. That’s why we’re offering dentists the opportunity to become the exclusive provider of CeraSmile® in their area.

Here Are The Benefits Of A Cosmetic Dentist Joining the CeraSmile® Network:

Offer Fully Custom Implant Bridges

With Williams Dental Lab, you don’t have to provide a generic implant bridge to patients. They can request exactly the smile they want, including their youthful smile.

Quality American Craftsmanship

With other implant systems, you might be sending your cases overseas or to discount labs that partner with the manufacturer. With CeraSmile®, you know that your bridge will be handled at Williams Dental Labs, one of the nation’s leading dental labs, and the only one using the LVIM protocol.

Take Advantage of Our Experience

The CeraSmile® protocol was designed by two of the top minds in dentistry, based on decades of experience working with both traditional dentures and implant bridges. Don’t learn the hard way about the shortcomings of other implant bridge systems.

Join Other Elite Dentists

CeraSmile® is designed to be a premium implant system, one which welcomes the most elite dentists into a community that can help each other with technical, clinical, and commercial questions.

Nationwide Marketing Brings Local Patients

CeraSmile® is engaged in a nationwide marketing campaign to draw in patients for the procedure. We will be marketing in your area to bring in patients for you when you join.

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