A beautiful smile is one of the important functions of your teeth. Any bridge or denture that doesn’t give you an attractive look isn’t fully replacing your natural teeth. That’s why CeraSmile is made using the latest insights of cosmetic dentistry to help you achieve a great appearance. And it isn’t just a cookie-cutter fake one, it’s custom designed specifically for you.

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New Insights in Cosmetic Dentistry

In the early years of cosmetic dentistry, dentists had a simple approach to improving the appearance of your smile. Teeth had to be brighter, straighter, and longer. That’s what made smiles attractive.

Now we understand that there’s more to an attractive mouth than whiteness, straightness, and size. It should be proportionate not just among the different teeth, but with respect to your facial proportions, alignment, and spacing. The exact shade of your smile should be complementary to your complexion and your other features, such as eyes and hair. Looking too white can make your teeth look fake. And teeth that are too large not only make your file look fake, they can be uncomfortable, might interfere with function, and can get damaged more easily.

We also understand that there are many complex factors that go into making a beautiful smile. The shape of teeth, the exact height and width of teeth, and other specific characteristics can be a matter of taste. You might not be happy getting the same smile that others might think are attractive. Instead, you might want us to pay attention to certain features that can make your smile more masculine, commanding, feminine, or kind in order to get exactly the smile that you think best suits your personality.

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A Truly Custom Smile for You

CeraSmile implant bridges aren’t mass-produced. They can be made custom for you. How custom you want to make your smile depends on you.

Many of our patients like to leave design in our hands. We are, after all, the cosmetic dentistry experts. We know what looks good, and what will give you something that you will love, be proud of, and be happy to share. Perhaps you want to give us a few basic directions, and let us translate them into your new design.

Other people like to show us a picture and tell us they want a smile like that. With a picture of your old smile, such as from high school, we can directly replicate the appearance of your old smile.

And if you’re really engaged, you can take an even more hands-on approach to  your design. Each tooth in a CeraSmile bridge can be designed separately, so that you can choose each tooth to look just as you want it to, creating a smile out of individual teeth that are also set in a custom arrangement to give you the exact look you desire.

Your New Beautiful Smile Awaits

If you are unhappy because of bad teeth, bad dentures, or a bad implant bridge, you don’t have to keep hiding your teeth. We can give you new teeth that look beautiful and are customized to you.

Please contact a local CeraSmile dentist today to start your custom process.