One of the best ways to replace your teeth after you’ve lost them or had them extracted is with a dental bridge and dental implants. Unfortunately, not all dental bridges are made the same. There’s no comparison between economy dental bridges and high-quality dental bridges. Regardless of what type of dental bridge you might have, there are a few signs your dental bridge is a dupe and it needs a replacement. Here are some of the signs you have a bad dental bridge that you should stay on the lookout for.

1. It’s Causing You Pain

If your dental bridge doesn’t fit correctly, it can cause a lot of discomfort in your mouth. Specifically in certain areas that receive more pressure than others. These areas might even develop sores and inflame or irritate your gums. If any area of your mouth feels unusual, even if it’s not in pain, it’s a good indication that something is wrong with your dental bridge.

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2. Your Bite is Off

When you close your teeth together, they should rest together comfortably. If they don’t, then something with your bite is off. You will notice bite problems based on this indication in addition to certain symptoms such as tooth or ear pain, ringing ears, headaches, and jaw, face, and neck pain.

3. There is Noticeable Damage

If you notice any damage such as cracks, chips, or even missing pieces of your dental bridge, this is a definite sign you have a bad dental bridge and it needs to be replaced. Your dentist might be able to repair it, but if the damage is too significant, it will only continue to get worse. Stay ahead of the damage and replace it before you’re left with a dental bridge with missing or broken teeth.

4. Loose Fit

When you eat, speak, or smile, your dental bridge should stay in place. Especially if it’s being supported by dental implants. If it’s loose, this usually means the fit isn’t correct. A number of factors can result in a poor fit. Your replacement teeth should give you confidence when you eat, smile, and talk, not cause more stress. If you don’t feel like your dental bridge fits correctly, you either need an adjustment or a completely new pair.

5. Speaking with a Lisp

One of the reasons people replace their missing teeth aside from the obvious is to help regain their ability to speak with ease. Missing teeth can often cause one to speak with a lisp because the tongue no longer functions the same. Once you replace your teeth with a dental bridge, your lisp should go away. If for some reason, it doesn’t, or it comes back, there’s something wrong with your dental bridge. It either needs to be altered or replaced entirely. Your dental bridge shouldn’t affect your speaking.

6. It’s Stained or Discolored

Dental bridges made with cheap plastics will become stained or discolored over time, no matter how well you take care of it. If your dental bridge no longer looks its gleaming white color it was initially, this is a sign you need a new dental bridge. Unfortunately, that is your only option because you can’t do anything to help it look whiter without replacing it.

7. It Looks Unnatural

Not every dental bridge is custom-made to complement your facial features. Some dental bridges might look completely unnatural due to their shape, color, or size. If you feel like your replacement teeth don’t look natural, replacing them is your only option.

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